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Practice Real, Undiluted Yoga at Body Soul Bliss

Renovations are complete and Body Soul Bliss yoga studio is now open in Panama City. It is the only Heart of Yoga studio in Florida. The founder of HOY, Mark Whitwell, lived in the home of T. Krishnamacharya, the “teacher of all modern yoga teachers”, in India for 20 years and has passed down that teaching, intact and undiluted.

Owner Jamie Brown says, “What is popularly called ‘yoga’ in gyms and most studios, really isn’t. The pretty poses and gymnastic contortions are intended to increase flexibility, balance and strength, which they do, and this yoga is a good form of exercise. However, classical yoga is not about how a pose looks from the outside, but rather, what is happening on the inside, and when performed properly leads to a state of meditation, unity. A special breathing technique is essential to this process.”

Location: Lothlorien House, 5702 Arnold Rd., Panama City. For more information, call 850-238-0566 or visit

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