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Advertorial - Emerald Air

The air conditioning and heating (HVAC) system in residential A/C units consumes about 45% of all electrical uses within our homes. So, in general, if your power bill is $300 per month in the summer, you’re A/C is responsible for about $135 of the bill. Not only is the HVAC system the largest consumer of energy in the home, but it wastes more than any other device – including lights and all other appliances.

In 2007, over 113 million homes consumed nearly 1.4 trillion kWh of electrical energy and due to inefficiencies, the total waste equaled about 212-billion kWh -- or enough energy to power 17-million new homes.  This issue is exacerbated by the fact that the problem is unseen.  In other words, we are simply unaware of the waste within our HVAC systems.  We continue to pour millions of dollars out an open window needlessly.

Technology has now provided an answer. This problem can be greatly mitigated by having a clean A/C coil (the part of the system where heat is removed from the air). The conventional method of coil cleaning is to have the coil removed and acid washed periodically. This is a colossal waste of time and money.

With the use of Everclean Green’s Force Field system, the HVAC is Self-Cleaning.  The performance of a HVAC system can improve by as much as 35%, saving up to 2000 kWh per year per system by installing Everclean Green. With this system you can throw away those restrictive, costly and annoying filters.  These filters are unnecessary and the need to clean the coil is eliminated, the HVAC system can now operate at peak performance all year, translating into cooler air for less money$$. A clean system is an efficient system.

Oh, and not only do you save money but the  Everclean Green system also effectively eliminates airborne particles, toxins, dust, mold, viruses, and bacteria growing and circulating through the system for heather indoor air. This system is now available for existing and new HVAC units in the Panhandle. Stop paying huge electric bills and sweating today. Ask your local A/C contractor about this innovative product today or go to to find a local authorized contractor for an Everclean Green system. 


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