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NAC is a Real Sleeper Among Supplements

Jun 30, 2014 05:40PM ● By Brian Mobley

The over-the-counter supplement N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) is one of the least publicized, yet vitally important nutrients in the natural health field today. Overlooked for decades for all but a few clinical uses, recent studies into the anti-aging benefits of this compound are finally beginning to propel NAC into the spotlight as a daily supplement.

When taken orally, NAC replenishes intracellular levels of glutathione, a natural and powerful antioxidant manufactured inside the human body. Glutathione is one of only a select few antioxidants found both inside cells and outside cells, and its importance as an antioxidant is difficult to overstate. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Glutathione, stimulated by NAC supplementation, interrupts the aging process accelerated by inflammation by intercepting free radicals before they can interact with cellular structures. Also, when used as a daily supplement over the long term, NAC provides a general detox effect in the liver and protects it from future toxin buildup.

NAC also directly affects immunity. Studies have shown that NAC, via glutathione stimulation, inhibits both virus replication and expression, particularly with variations of the flu virus. Influenza inflicts damage on lung tissue through extreme free radical stress and inflammation, but treatment of cells with NAC in studies demonstrates a significant offsetting of these effects, reducing the oxidation and inflammation to enable much faster recovery. Because it intercepts inflammation and viral replication in the lungs so readily, NAC can lower the amount of mucus production that comes with pathogenic invasion.

NAC promotes anti-aging effects by stimulating glutathione production and intercept damage from a broad spectrum of free radicals that in turn lowers the tax these negative reactions have on every cell. Because the free radical theory of aging is one of the leading and most well-established theories of why humans deteriorate, something as powerful as NAC can help dramatically lessen this aspect of the degenerative process over time.
Likewise, its effect on inflammation extends the life of all cell types, and the ability of NAC to reduce both toxin load and viral load dramatically decreases the amount of damage done to our system and frees up the body's vital resources for optimal functioning.

Brian X. Mobley is a health and anti-aging specialist with the Golden Almond Health Store, in Fort Walton Beach. Contact him at and see for his Scrutiny line of organic anti-aging skincare products.

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