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Charli Williams is a 20-Year Skincare Innovator

Jun 30, 2014 06:21PM ● By Martin Miron

Aesthetician and entrepreneur Charli Williams began practicing skin care when it wasn’t cool. She says, “I consider myself a pioneer, having to educate how important it was for skin, mind, body and spirit, since ‘touch’ is so vital to our well-being. How we take care of ourselves is directly related to our total body health; it is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”

She discovered her passion at a challenging time in her life. A single mother, Williams resigned from her full-time job and moved her two young sons across the state of Alabama against the wishes and fears of friends and family, listening only to her internal promptings. “The boys and I suffered and sacrificed, but endured,” she relates. “It was a total leap of faith and trusting that someone much bigger than this little southern girl was in complete control.”

After living more than two years in Huntsville and receiving her license, Williams moved back to her hometown of Enterprise, Alabama, opening a skincare business literally in the back of a dress shop with a $20,000 loan and no business degree or formal training. “The way I attracted people was by putting a pedicure chair in the store window, since there was no highway frontage,” she explains. “It was matter of educating the public about skin care, and God brought people to my door, one at a time.”

The business grew from its tiny beginnings and during Williams’ third and largest attempt, at 2,000 square feet, a day spa was birthed. This was unheard of in a small town, and the rest is history. “The spa is still thriving today. I sold it to an employee and God gave me the desire of my heart, to live near the beach I loved so much,” says Williams. That was 12 years ago.

After moving to Panama City Beach, she began working part-time with a few doctors in the field of medical aesthetics and completed a training certification. Williams holds an additional license in electrolysis, or permanent hair removal, and certification in holistic aesthetics, completed at the Institut’ DerMed, in Atlanta.

“Through all these experiences, it is my realization that my ultimate gifting is the healing touch and relating to people on an energetic level; all the other benefits are bonuses,” says Williams. “Along with my passion for skin, I also have equal desire to help people to strive to live a more balanced life.” By obtaining continuing education credits in nutrition, she has been able to help people with diabetes control their disease through diet.
“I have been exposed to and have personally experienced other modalities that have been successful for healing in many areas of my own life,” avows Williams. “It is my prayer and passion now to share with those placed in my path on this journey called life to learn, grow, love and forgive. Thus leading a healthier, more peaceful, joyful existence, always looking for those hidden treasures and miracles that are all around us.”

Rituals Skin & Body Care by Charli is located at 12115 Panama City Beach Pkwy., in Panama City Beach. For more information, call 850-596-2454.

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