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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

The All Natural Organic Plant Fertilizer - Nature’s Fluid

Nature's Fluid, a new all natural organic micronutrient fertilizer solution, is easy to use and makes fruits and vegetables taste better than store-bought varieties grown with chemicals.

Nature’s Fluid cannot be overused and cause burning or mutation of roots and leaves and is perfectly suited for even first-time gardeners. This micronutrient solution also promotes rapid seed germination in as little as two days. Anyone can grow amazing plants every time when using it as directed.

With Nature’s Fluid’s guaranteed analysis, the fertilizer is ready for plants to take up right after applying it. Within three to four hours it enters the plant, quickly mobilizing nutrients to show a response within 24 hours, giving struggling plants the boost they need. In many cases, it will even keep plants from dying.

For more information, call 903-571-1787. 

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