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Kimberly Thornell

Former hairstylist Kimberly Thornell, a senior stylist and an in-salon coach at an Aveda salon in Destin for six-and-a-half years, has had a wonderful experience getting healthy and fit using a nutritional cleansing and replenishing super-food system. Now she is available to help clients be healthier, too.

Her daily regimen is a solution for weight loss, energy, performance and beautiful aging. It’s organic, quick and designed to fit all ages. Thornell had always been a healthy eater, but says, “Since the makeup of food has changed so drastically in recent years and is now nutritionally deprived, it means that our bodies are full of toxins. So in order to make sure we get the essential nutrients and minerals, it’s necessary to take a supplement, and luckily the one we promote sources the best ingredients from around the globe. It is natural, organic and patented.”

Thornell and her husband have substituted one meal a day and released 50 pounds together through this simple lifestyle modification. “We say ‘released’ instead of ‘lost’ because we have no intention of finding the weight again,” says Thornell playfully.


Thornell is focused on individual goals that target individual lifestyles, and can be reached at 850-797-1331 or [email protected].

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