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New Waiest Qigong Program Reduces Stress

Waiest Qigong is a new home study program that encompasses concepts of meditation from many different cultures and brings them into one organized structure, incorporating mental and physical exercises. It offers a toolbox to help better understand experiences, control emotions and formulate better decisions. Users select the tools that work for them to have a happier, healthier existence at different stages of life.

The program is specifically designed to help individuals learn how to relieve pain and stress, increase energy and strength, heighten flexibility and power, restore balance and focus, forge mental discipline and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Waiest Qigong conforms itself to the practitioner. As we age and gain life experience, our perceptions change and the tools we need to exist change. The program includes three manuals, a CD, a DVD, a set of beautiful mala beads blessed by monks, Nag Champa incense, Waiest Order membership and a Waiest spirit warrior certificate of completion opportunity.

For more information, call 888-353-9414 or 850-248-8997 and visit

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