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Bowman to Teach Quantum Light Energy Course

Buddy Bowman, one of 12 Quantum Light Energy coaches in the U.S. and the first in Florida, will teach the course, Quantum Light Energy Therapy – Medicine of the Future, for the Center for LifeLong Learning (CLL). The 12-hour, eight-week course will be held in the University of West Florida auditorium (Fort Walton Beach campus) from 2:45 to 4:15 p.m. Wednesdays, beginning September 17. He has been presenting the course for two years.

Bowman states that Light Energy Therapy is non-invasive and reinvigorates and balances the essential natural functions of the body to increase circulation, protect the genetic telomeres and reduce inflammation, pain and stress without drugs.

Topics include: The Big Bang, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Cellular Biology and Anatomy, The Aging Process, Telomeres, Your Cells under Stress: The Silent Killer, Acute vs. Chronic Stress, Neuroscience of Embryonic Vibrations, Dr. Nogier’s Healing Frequencies, Photobiomodulation, Nitric Oxide and ATP, research and case studies.


Bowman operates his Light for Life practice at 28 Racetrack Rd. NW, in Fort Walton Beach. For more information, call 850-864-4281 or 850-582-4929, email [email protected] or visit

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