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Guided Intuition: Cultivate the Power of the Sixth Sense

Oct 30, 2014 10:00PM ● By Maia Rizzi

In recent years, the subject of the sixth sense has increasingly become, as Philip Goldberg, a lecturer and author on human development and consciousness, puts it, “recognized as a natural mental faculty; a key element in discovery, problem-solving and decision-making, a generator of creativity, a revealer of truth.”

We all know people that manage to always be in the right place at the right time and to whom good things seem to effortlessly flow—the chances are that they're not just lucky, they have developed their intuitive sense in making choices. Through developing our sixth sense, we learn to master our very own inherent gift from the universe or God; that's something to be grateful for, but we're actually born with this ability. Like a muscle, intuition does not develop unless it is exercised; otherwise we are often left wondering if we did the right thing.

Working with intuition is a bit like fine-tuning a sound; it takes a while to get a clear tone.

Likewise, in order to hone our intuitive faculties, we must go beyond the cognitive tool of logic, which often restricts the intuitive passageway, and move to a deeper, calmer place in order to “tune in” to that inner knowing or voice. 

Intuitive breakthroughs usually occur when we have been pondering an issue for a while and then let it go. Often, the answer may come in a dream or while walking, taking a shower, washing the dishes or driving. Intuition comes most effectively in relaxed conditions. Anxiety and worry work against it because we're too caught up in the problem to get proper insight. Thus the value of the truism of “sleeping on it.” Learning to trust intuition is like an art form; you don't learn to do it overnight, and you have to be willing to make mistakes. Intuition is spontaneous and effortless, and cannot be forced; it comes on its own terms, like falling in love.

The best way to facilitate our sixth sense is through daily meditation, because meditation allows our attention to move out of our head and drop down into a deeper place in our body where intuition lives. We can use the “breath” method, where we close your eyes, breathe deeply a few times and then simply focus on our inhaling and exhaling for about 10 minutes daily. Here are some tips to get started.

At least twice a day, take a minute to relax, close your eyes and “check in” with your “gut feeling”, located in the area of the solar plexus at the base of the sternum.

For a day or two, assume that your intuitive feeling about things is correct and act as if that is so. This develops self-trust. No matter if you make mistakes—practice makes perfect.

Learn to listen to your body. Is it giving you signals of needing rest? Do you have an uneasy feeling about something? Are you experiencing hunches? Learn to pay attention and you will be paid back tenfold.

Become the most positive person you know, because intuition loves a relaxed atmosphere.

Think of yourself as a channel for the energy or life force of the universe to move through.

Do not get lost in other people, external goals or desires. You can have goals, but your focus needs to stay on listening to that inner voice. 

Go to a crowded parking lot at the mall and practice allowing intuition to tell you which isle the next parking spot will be in (don’t worry, you'll get better and better at it). You have to let go of all that control we are all so fond of exerting, because it gets in the way.

As you start your day, spend a few minutes seeing yourself as a channel for the energy of the universe.

Sit or stand comfortably and focus your awareness on your solar plexus area and feel the impressions you are receiving. Don't try, don't force; just be open and aware. Then go to other rooms or environments and tune in the same way. Compare any differences in feeling you sense from each location. Try this with people, too.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Maia Rizzi CCHt, offers guided meditation recordings and hypnotherapy to help people learn to relax and get into a deeper meditation. Contact her at 850-291-8041or [email protected].

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