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November 2014 - Giving Thanks

Oct 30, 2014 02:53PM

How could we not be thankful? We live in a beautiful area of the world, a town where the people still stop to say, “Hello”, a part of the state where the waters are gorgeous and scenery is breathtaking, in a country with seemingly unlimited natural resources. We are the fortunate ones. 

In the month of November, our entire country sets aside a day to give thanks; that in itself is something to be thankful for. Still, we all need a little encouragement. Our Natural Awakenings feature article this month, “Powerful You!” categorically covers six areas in life where we can power up the life we want. 

Plus, the Natural Awakenings community is here to help. During the hectic holidays, we may just need to learn how to nap better with some special hints suggested in “Midday Pick-Me-Up.” Better yet, if you’re not sure your sleep is giving your body the recovery it needs, you may just want to read Dr. Susan Welch’s Therapy Spotlight article and learn how a better night’s sleep could be attained through dental care.

Beauty rest may be all that you need, but if you are looking for healthier, more vibrant hair and skin, “Beauty Foods and DIY Natural Home Beauty Recipes” is loaded with everyday, simple ways to pamper and care for your body.

Don’t let the holidays wear you down, be inspired with spiritual empowerment by reading the wise words of Wayne Dyer’s daughter, Serena, and those offered by Michael DeMaria, Maia Rizzi and many of our local mentors that have contributed to our inspirational articles. We are grateful to have their encouragement. 

As we move into the seasonal occasions, take a moment to encourage our advertisers and local businesses by discovering meaningful gifts listed in our Holiday Gift Guide and throughout the magazine—gifts that will not only put a smile on someone’s face, but may also empower them toward the life they want.

We are grateful for our readers and our advertisers for the encouragement you give to the Natural Awakenings family.

From our family to yours—thank you for embracing Natural Awakenings,

Scott and Daralyn

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