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Handcrafted, Heartfelt Products Benefit Users

Oct 30, 2014 04:12PM ● By Daralyn Chase

Of those that value non-toxic, chemical-free skin care, many may not yet be convinced to adopt products that are properly blended, prepared, stored and ready to apply. Monica Gaskins has spent years handcrafting blends of essential oils, edible food products, nutrients and vitamins, optimally combined for different skin care types and conditions. Each product has a comprehensive list of ingredients and clear application guidelines printed on the label.

Gaskins, the co-owner of LunaStella Naturals, LLC, offers a full facial care line, remedies for aches and pains, creams and scrubs and other products for men and women. She states, “I spent a lot of my time doing research, tried many ‘clean’ products on the market and found myself continually disappointed by their performance.

So, I decided that the cleanest, greenest and safest way to achieve the result I was after would be to create products in my own kitchen.”

       Her passion grew, along with the product line, as friends and family expressed their different personal care needs. It continues to evolve and grow as Gaskins finds ways to provide healthy alternatives for her growing customer base.

The Palafox Market is where Gaskins has created the largest following. “It has also given our regular local customers a ‘storefront’ where they can come and get the products they love, and talk to me one-on-one about their own personal care needs.”

​Gaskins says that the biggest accomplishment for her has been the feedback she receives. “I watch my product, Ache Away, relieve customers’ pain from an injury or chronic problem right in front of me at least one time at every show or market, leaving them astonished and grateful. I have received a heartfelt thank-you for reestablishing the confidence in many customers by my products’ ability to clear up their acne or some other skin issue.”

For more information, call 757-679-1203, email [email protected] or visit

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