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Happy, Healthy 2015!

Scott and I were invited to a viewing of the documentary, Doctored, about three years ago, hosted by Dr. April Lee and several other members of our healthy living community. When we first saw this film, we both agreed the world needed to see it. It became part of our mission with Natural Awakenings and we have hosted hundreds of folks to view it since then.

Doctored reveals the tactics of unseen “influencers” in an investigation that leads to the highest levels of the American Medical Association (AMA) and reveals an alarming portrait of deception and criminality against chiropractic care and treatment.

One scene shows a chiropractor relieving a patient from frozen shoulder syndrome in one adjustment. This was not just any type of chiropractic care. After viewing this film, we have often been asked if we know anyone in our community that could help someone with such an ailment.

While I was in Orlando earlier this month, I badly needed an adjustment. After several months of traveling, flying and long drives, my neck was frozen and hours of computer work doesn’t help, either. I suffer from a reversed curve in my neck that started when, at 9 years old, I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I flew off my bike and planted my face in the cement curb. Later in life, I experienced several additional car accidents that all included whiplash.

I have used chiropractic care religiously for more than 30 years. Although there was little success or hope for correcting the reversed curve, I did get relief from the stiffness and most of the pain. It had been more than three months since my last adjustment and I had the mummy impersonation going on, plus the pain was unbearable. My sister recommended her chiropractor at Roach Family Wellness and Integrative Medicine, in Maitland, Florida, and I was able to get an appointment the next day.

Dr. Roach was not available at the time and I was assigned to Dr. Aaron Webb. As we reviewed my history, I explained that he was preaching to the choir about the value of chiropractic treatment. He asked if he could try a new method on me called One-to-Zero (OTZ). He thought it would be effective and explained it’s not something many chiropractors know about or use at this time. I agreed because I was willing to try anything.

Ater a few minutes, he was able to get me to relax enough to perform the OTZ adjustment. Immediately, I felt a shock wave running down my arm and upper back unlike anything I had felt before. The knotted muscle that I suffered with for years just dissipated. I believe I was in shock—I know I was speechless and excited that the right side of my neck now matched the left side.

Dr. Webb proceeded to explain that the OTZ tension adjustment is the same procedure used by Chiropractor Francis Murphy in Doctored to relieve frozen shoulder!

As Natural Awakenings begins the new year with a focus on integrative health, we were excited to learn Florida Chiropractors will have the opportunity to attend a seminar on OTZ in Orlando—learn more in our article, “Seminar on OTZ Chiropractic Breakthrough.” We will also be facilitating a viewing of Doctored as we launch our next Wellness Rocks series of classes on Integrative Medicine. All the details can be found on page 11. Also, our exclusive interview with Dr. Andrew Weil reveals the progression of integrative medicine and the changes he is seeing. 

Scott and I, and the Natural Awakenings family look forward to another year to bring cutting-edge information, tools and inspiration to our Northwest Florida community in the hope that all will have an abundantly healthy 2015.


Happy healthy New Year,

Scott and Daralyn

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