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Personal Attention Makes All the Difference

Reaghan Hayden, owner of Fit Evolution, says, “If you are busy, and it seems these days we all are, we have the perfect opportunity for you. For those that are looking to get fit but don't have a lot of time, the Fit Evolution Steel Strong workout is just the ticket. It only takes 15 minutes and you will only gain the natural tools your body needs to lose weight and keep it off—lean muscle that burns calories while sitting on the couch.” Steel Strong is a six-week fitness program that includes 12 workouts. Each week, there are two workouts that need to be performed on alternate days. Hayden creates workouts in a specific order to maximize results in the minimum amount of time.

“I don't train people in gyms, because I feel that people will eventually make excuses not to go to the gym, or they don't want to pay for a  membership, or they just don't feel comfortable in the gym,” says Hayden.” So I train outdoors, at people’s homes or at my home. I use body weight exercises and portable equipment that anybody can find at Walmart, and I create programs around this equipment so when I am not around or not needed anymore, they know what to do.”

As the mother of three children under the age of 7, Hayden know how to get women’s bodies back in shape after having a baby. Kids at home during training sessions is no problem, either. She can be enlisted for a set number of lessons or become a personal trainer, there until goals are met. Hayden makes herself available to clients via phone, text, email, YouTube, Google Hangout, Skype or however they want to communicate.

Hayden is available for private fitness training for small groups or individuals in the Emerald Coast area and trains a group of moms on Eglin AFB. She specializes in teaching women and is taking new clients for 2015 to get New Year’s resolutions started and successful with smart diet planning.


For more information, call 757-679-1431, email [email protected] or visit

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