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Tanni Hall Brings Energy Medicine to the Emerald Coast

Mar 27, 2015 07:03PM

Tanni Hall

Tanni Hall offers a signature blend of energy medicine and energy psychology at East of Eden Retreat & Spa, based on the needs of each client. She will conduct a daylong retreat workshop, Energy Medicine 101, in celebration of International Women's Day, on April 18, followed by three days of individual sessions.

“Energy medicine offers tools for self-care and at-home techniques to accelerate progress,” says Hall. Workshops can be tailored to the needs of each group, and cover topics such as peak performance for athletes and performers, stress management, and Energy Medicine 101 and 102.

“I create a safe and loving environment in which each client will experience their own body’s natural healing power,” she says. “I specialize in the gentle treatment of pain, stress and anxiety; grief and trauma; overcoming limiting beliefs and fears; autoimmune issues; hormone balancing; injury and surgery recovery; and enhancing passion, purpose and joy. In my sessions, I draw especially from Chinese medicine, such as use of acupressure and the Five Elements Model (also called Five Rhythms), and I use energy kinesiology to assess and determine treatment for each of the nine systems within the client.”

Her journey from directing student support teams at an Ivy League university to becoming an energy medicine practitioner began with a simple realization that sometimes talking it through is not enough. As associate dean of students at Cornell University, with a master's degree in education and concentration in counseling psychology, Hall supervised a spectrum of student services, including crisis management, diversity education and peer counseling.

In her 28-year career at the university, Hall and her teams helped students, staff and families confront issues ranging from hospitalization to death and other loss. They also developed programs and workshops to build stronger skills for health and well-being. Hall says, “I wanted to bring more integrated, mind-body approaches. I saw students re-traumatized by some talk-only therapy, and there was plenty of staff burnout. There had to be another way to help.”

In 2005, at a professional development workshop sponsored by the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, she discovered energy medicine. “At that time, new research was burgeoning in effective treatment of trauma,” recalls Hall. “The conference brought together multidisciplinary leaders in the field to share research and leading-edge techniques for mind/body healing.”

Hall notes, “It was through this conference that I learned about Eden Energy Medicine and energy psychology, and I was hooked. Of all the energy-based therapies I learned over the years, I chose Eden Energy Medicine as my foundation for certification because it was the most comprehensive and unique system I found.” Eden Energy Medicine involves balancing and restoring the body’s natural energies to increase vitality and optimize the overall health of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Many of these techniques can be traced back to ancient healing traditions such as yoga, tai chi and acupuncture. “I experienced firsthand its transformational effects; for example, through liberating myself from a lifelong phobia, a fear of flying.” She also acquired training in Emotional Freedom Technique and Advanced Integrative Therapy, which she incorporates in her work.


East of Eden Retreat & Spa is located at 234 Dog Hobble Lane, in Santa Rosa Beach. For more information about retreats, educational workshops and individual sessions, call 607-379-0023 or visit

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