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Taming the Mane Naturally: Orgainic Smoothing Products Offer Healthy Hair Styling Options

Smooth, luscious, soft textures that are full of movement, shine and healthy luster is healthy hair. Yet, modern hair products and appliances can damage hair daily. Then add exposure to seasonal humidity and hot sunny day and most end up with a frizzy mess.

Camy Kilker, of Le Vogue salon, says “Frizz usually happens because your hair lacks moisture which it loses throughout the day. The thirsty cuticle, or outermost layer of the strands, then opens up and invites the humidity in to wreak havoc.”

For years, keratin treatments have been used for straightening kinky hair, but such products rely on formaldehyde, ammonia or other corrosive toxins to violently blast open the cuticle and use a protein bonding accelerator to burn the keratin protein to the hair. Although this process is effective, it is far too aggressive and uses far too harsh ingredients to be considered healthy for the hair, the client or the stylist.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to tame the frizz and calm the curls that are natural, organic, safe and highly effective hair smoothers to make morning blow drying effortless for months. Plus, once treated, most can eliminate the hot-iron process that causes long-term damage and brittle hair.

Starting off the summer season with a treatment containing such treasures as collagen, jojoba oil, keratin proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals can allow enjoying the beach while still having manageable hair. Combined with shampoos, conditioner and styling products that keep hair from destabilizing, a smoother silkier look can be achieved for three  to four months, just long enough to get past our most humid months.

Kilker states, “By leaving the harsh chemicals out of our products, we are unable to treat some of the most severe, kinky, hair. But, for the other 90 percent we do an extraordinary job at eliminating frizz, taming curls. Clients will love the effortless maintenance and added strength, health, and vitality of their hair.”

For more information, call Camy Kilker at 850-582-0177.

Hairstylist Seeks Minimal Exposure to Processing Product Toxins

Hairstylist Camy Kilker chooses to work with fewer chemicals because she personally suffered from constant exposure to salon toxins and took note when many of her clients agreed they had similar reactions. OSHA sets forth a standard for maximum allowed exposure for workers to airborne formaldehyde over an eight-hour period of 0.75 ppm, with a peak exposure of 2 ppm for any 15-minute period.

Kilker works with keratin smoothing treatments that show only trace levels of formaldehyde, well below the OSHA maximum standard. Her smoother treatment of choice contains about 1/842th the amount of formaldehyde found in an average banana, therefore it would take 842 treatments to equal the amount of formaldehyde in one banana. The treatment also has 30 times less formaldehyde than average indoor air, which measures at 0.1 ppm to 0.3 ppm.


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