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New Oxygen Therapy and IV Lounge Open in Destin

Hydroxy Modern Therapy Lounge has opened at 230 Harbor Boulevard, in Destin, offering intravenous hydration therapy, minerals, fluids and vitamins that are absorbed instantly, producing rapid results and providing relief for a variety of common complaints associated with dehydration.

Hydroxy is a modern therapy lounge that offers clients a new approach to nutritious intravenous hydration far from busy and uncomfortable emergency rooms. In this quiet and relaxing atmosphere that feels like a spa with lounge chairs, free Wi-Fi, blankets, magazines, coffee, water, earplugs, eye masks and flat-screen televisions, licensed healthcare professionals follow physicians’ orders and protocols, assess their clients' condition and deliver fluids, medications, vitamins and other nutritional supplements directly into the bloodstream.

Owner Carolina Martin Santos states, “Now, the relatively common symptoms of vitamin deficiency and dehydration caused by certain health conditions, the flu, vomiting, hangover or physical exhaustion in anyone from business professionals to athletes can safely be treated outside of an emergency room or clinical setting.”


For more information, call 850-460-8700, email [email protected] or visit

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