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Going Organic

Oct 30, 2015 12:00PM

Camy Kilker, stylist at Le Vogue Salon, has been a hairstylist for more than five years, beginning with Aveda and training at the Aveda Institute, in Tallahassee. After three years, she decided to work independently and to continue working with naturally derived color and product lines. “I began my search for clean color,” says Kilker. “I discovered Organic Color Systems [OCS]. I have been trained and certified with OCS for the last two years, and within the last six months I have decided to bring on two other color lines; Original & Mineral and O WAY.”Camy Kilker

These products are ammonia-free and chemical-free, with low percentages of PPD. “Many of my clients were allergic to certain ingredients in hair color and were always on the search for a more transparent product, and most thoroughly enjoyed the switch,” says Kilker. “With non-ammonia hair color, they did not experience any scalp sensitivities or complain of any harsh chemical smells.”

She notes that color seems to last drastically longer and does not fade nearly as quick as previous color lines did. “Overall, everyone was satisfied,” she says. “The longer they used the color the happier they were becoming as their hair felt and looked healthier than ever before, some clients even experienced thicker fuller hair with the color and following up with proper home care styling products.”

Kilker states that thing she love the most about my career is the opportunity to make someone feel beautiful and confident. “Not many business professionals get to interact with their clients and customers on a personal level like I do,” says the stylist. “When someone leaves with a huge smile on their face and a boost of confidence, it truly is the most pleasant feeling. Being able to raise awareness about healthy options within hair care not only makes my clients beautiful on the outside, but it keeps them healthy, as well. Its very rewarding to impact my clients and the environment in a positive way.”

My personal mission is to keep a holistic approach when it comes to my work. Being a hairstylist that believes in green chemistry and pure ingredients I want to be able to provide the most naturally derived and transparent products I can. I want to offer more than just a hair color or a hair cut. I want to create a "head spa" experience for my guests.

Kilker notes that in the world of hair care, there is a huge misconception that “organic” doesn't work or doesn't cover gray. “Getting an opportunity to show people that it can and does work has been a challenge—getting them to try it for the first time, especially for my clients who don't live a holistic lifestyle and just want to look pretty. They are starting to see the difference in their hair using clean color technology. The biggest reward is how much my business has grown in two years alone. I'm truly blessed,” she says.

“I have to give the credit to my clients. Word of mouth is the best way to grow a business in my industry,” says Kilker. “Satisfied clients spreading the word has helped me to be exactly where I am today. I am so happy with where I've come to in my career. I just hope to keep growing and be able to raise awareness to more and more people about healthy beauty options.”

Le Vogue Salon is located at 609 W. Chase St., in Pensacola. For appointments, call 850-582-0177 or visit, Facebook/levoguesalon and also Organic Concepts by Camy Kilker on Facebook.

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