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Heart Wisdom Guides Healing Meditation

Dec 01, 2015 09:24PM ● By Alice McCall

Every person is a unique creation, with special skills, knowledge and purpose. Although it can be helpful to seek answers outside of ourselves, that input is about another’s perspective and may not be totally relevant. However, there is another way. Information and wisdom that is tailored specially for each person can be found inside, within our heart and soul. It is possible to connect with this inner guidance by utilizing the tool of meditation. Follow these steps to engage in a meditation that connects with powerful heart wisdom for guidance.

Begin with closed eyes. Quiet the entire body, mind, and emotion of one’s self. Breathe deeply and slowly, focusing on the rhythm until a feeling of being centered is achieved.

Using both intention and physical concentration, focus on the heart’s physical location, the source of all wisdom and guidance.

Intention setting absolutely sets the tone and direction of heart meditations. The intentions can be broad and vague or geared to a very specific dilemma. An example is, “I intend that I will receive information or understanding that will be useful to me in my life right now.”

Be patient. It could take several attempts before beneficial wisdom and guidance appear. This is not about instant gratification. It can take time to establish a relationship with the core of one’s self and usually requires practice. Know that rewarding, inspiring and enlightening gifts wait just around the corner.

Commit to the practice of connecting with the heart’s wisdom. Listen to that inner voice and be disciplined about maintaining a relationship with that part of self. The results are amazing. Changes in old routines will naturally occur as the guidance from heart wisdom leads the way.

In addition to the benefits of heart wisdom, there are separate benefits to meditation, such as minimizing stress and enhancing personal balance. With the bustle of the holidays, it is easy to feel stressed or uncertain, which makes it a perfect time to start a practice of meditating with one’s heart.

Stress management, rebalancing of self and guidance from one’s heart are only a few of the far-reaching benefits. With continual practice, one’s inner wisdom becomes a stronger guiding force towards achieving one’s heart’s desire. 

Alice McCall, a certified hypnotist and author of Wellness Wisdom, can reached at

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