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There is a Doctor in the House at Destin Nutrition

Destin Nutrition is a new supplement store located at 34940 Emerald Coast Parkway, Suite 184, at the Paradise Isle shopping plaza near Best Buy and PetSmart and across the street from Destin Commons on U.S. 98. A grand opening event will take place in the store from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., January 15. Product specialists will be on hand to answer questions and there will be gift basket giveaways from many different companies.

The primary focus of Destin Nutrition is to conveniently offer high-quality brands and products, mostly comprised of vegan, gluten- and common allergen free, non-GMO ingredients. They offer non-invasive urine and saliva based neurotransmitter and hormone test kits to be taken home and sent directly to the lab for interpretation. Many symptoms associated with hormone imbalance can also be affected by neurotransmitter imbalance.

Owner Diana Wierzchos is a licensed esthetician who gained a keen interest in nutrition and worked at Physician’s Weight Loss Center as a counselor. She says, “Every experience brought me closer to my goal, which was opening a natural supplements store. I am also passionate about promoting vegan food options available that prove you can be a vegan and live even healthier than you would imagine. There are high-quality bars, protein powders and organic veggie burgers available at my store. I make sure to attend the national health expos to be up-to-date with what’s new and good in the industry, and wouldn’t have it in my store if I didn’t absolutely love it.” 

Leesa Haire

Dr. Leesa Haire, a registered pharmacist who holds a doctorate as a naturopath, is an affordable, on-site health practitioner. She charges $100 per one-hour session, including biofeedback, planning, supplement program and coaching. One-hour sessions for stress relief and perception reframing also available. Haire states, “Foundational to my practice is the belief that the body has the wisdom to heal itself. Biofeedback is a method to tap in to that wisdom and communicate at a whole new level. Although it may sound unfamiliar, this uses the same basis as many medical tests. The scan is non-invasive and gives a wealth of information used to keep us healthy. We test for hormone balance, organ stress, allergies, food sensitivities and more to produce a health plan that is unique for each individual, addressing what your system needs to be strong, healthy and energized. Stress management is foundational for vitality, weight management, energy and sleep.”

Green superfood blend smoothies and juices that include fruit and vegetable flavors and specialties such as cookie dough, cacao mint and pumpkin spice are on the way.

For more information, call 850-837-2373 or visit

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