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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida


Feb 09, 2016 07:33PM

Melissa Smith

443 Grace Ave., Panama City 850-303-3669

Chakra balancing, Hawaiian LomiLomi, medical massage – it’s all organic and natural. We massage according to your dosha without you even knowing, because there is intent behind every massage given each time you visit. We customize your session and hand-blend the ingredients from our apothecary for your session and for each and every spa service. You and your therapist together can custom-create and hand-blend your very own body scrubs for your service, and you get to take the extra home.

We bring you back to Earth with natural organic remedies for the body, mind and soul. Whether it is massage, herbals, nutrition, meditation or skin health, a combination of therapies provides help for the body to heal itself.

  The intent behind the spa service to heal, and the power of herbal remedies that I combine with massage and body care will improve your well-being and renew your energy. You will want to come back. While you might book the same spa service, our sessions are not always the same. We change them according to client needs every time they come in. 

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