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Farm Meets Fast Food at Everkrisp

One of Destin’s newest restaurants may be named for a ski slope in Colorado, but its menu is rooted right in the Florida panhandle. 

Long before Everkrisp opened its doors near Fresh Market a few weeks ago, owners Brendan and Ashley McMahon were connecting with local farmers whose products are the stars of Everkrisp’s menu and the inspiration for its slogan, “Where farm meets fast food.” 

Everkrisp is a unique concept in fine dining. It offers everything from steak to shrimp, complemented by local farm greens and produce and other healthy, natural, fresh ingredients, all served up in a fast and casual style. 

While the McMahons are tied to other restaurants in the local area as well as in their former home of Washington, DC, Everkrisp has a special place in their hearts. Ashley is from the Destin area, and they moved back from DC just to begin this endeavor, which they believe is very scalable; they have intentions to grow and spread into other communities.

In creating Everkrisp’s menu, they have focused on local provisions, Brendan says, and they plan to incorporate indigenous foods produced in whatever local communities they may expand to. Right now, however, their plan is to slowly grow the current model by establishing relationships with and sharing information about the local farmers and growers that prefer to stay in their rural settings. The restaurant displays the producers’ names along with details about what they provide and their healthier and more sustainable farming practices.

The McMahons are driven by quality, Brendan says. They spend a great deal of time checking out the farmers and learning about their unique techniques for producing foods that are “better than organic”—created without GMOs, hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

The menu will change seasonally, featuring ingredients that have been freshly harvested straight from the farms during the height of ripeness.

Everkrisp is located at 4463 Commons Dr. W., 10A, Destin. The restaurant is open seven days a week, 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, visit

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