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Letter from publishers

As I anticipated this month’s theme of Women’s Wellness, I envisioned myself as a fit, youthful gal starting each day with yoga and meditation in a quiet and clutter-free space; followed by fresh, wholesome meals with my willing and supportive family; peppered with Tai Chi classes, organic gardening and leisure bike rides in the evening. I dreamily thought about nights filled with quiet time with my husband and days filled with leisurely moments to smell the flowers along the way. 

        Full of good intentions, embarking on living my wellness vision, I hit the floor running. It quickly seemed that my day had other plans for me as I was greeted with “Can you help me find my (blank)”, my Mom called with an update on her recent medical exam and my husband asked me to meet with the tax accountant. I missed breakfast, yoga and meditation and the only thing I smelled was stress. Feeling momentarily defeated, I wondered how this Natural Awakenings’ publisher could so quickly get so derailed. 

On days like these, I remind myself that wellness does not mean perfection—it’s a marathon, not a sprint. A commitment to living well is about a lifestyle that fosters health for the long-term. I may have days that don’t reflect my choices or commitments; but the accumulation of the days that do is what counts. When healthy habits rule the majority of the time, my life reflects the same. Amid life’s many distractions, it’s important to remember my goals and stay inspired. 

In this month’s issue, we provide many tips and resources for the embellishment of a healthy lifestyle. Read “How to Reboot Your Eating Habits” to learn about simple dietary shifts that can make a true difference. Then flip to “Fat Burning Oils” for a local expert’s scientific explanation on how essential oils can help us live fit.

Healthy living isn’t limited to nutrition and exercise—we must nurture our minds and spirits, as well. “One Love for People and the Planet” inspires us to turn on the positive music of Bob Marley and the Wailers when moods start to get tense. “Spark Up Your Love Life” reminds us of the importance of healthy intimate relationships and “Picture Your Future” explains how vision boards can be used as tools to map out the lives we desire.

My family may not always be pleased with what’s for dinner. They may not see the importance of my need for silence during meditation. And, my husband may feel taxes are more important than yoga class. Yet, at the end of the day, they do notice that I feel better, have more energy and am happier when I make these things my priorities. As my husband agrees, “A happy, healthy wife equals a happy, healthy life.”

Cheers to Women’s Wellness!

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