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A Letter from the Publisher

Jun 02, 2016 03:58PM

At first, I was curious how we would manage to relate our main Happiness theme this month to our Men’s Wellness sub-theme. As I thought about my four boys, my brother and my father, I quickly realized how much they appreciate the simple things in life – like blueberry pancakes, driving through the mud puddles after a big rain storm or spotting a deer on the side of the road (which they will continue to point out, even after 50 sightings).

               Scott and I recently became empty nesters and I must admit that it felt a little less happy in my household. But then I was reminded by this month’s feature story, “Happy All Day”, that sometimes happiness requires change. This year we became a host for Airbnb, about which you can learn more in this month's article, “Ditch the Hotel”. At first we were a bit trepidatious about inviting strangers into our home, but then I realized that I rarely meet a stranger!

            After our now-six months of hosting, I can truly say it has been a positive change. To our amazement, the best part has been the fabulous people we have met from all over the world. It has been extremely entertaining to hear their fascinating stories, exchange our unique beliefs, customs and humorous tales about their travels, plus build new relationships, connections and share time with their children and pets.

            Yet, I believe much of the new-found joy comes from just sharing. It's fun to share what we love about our home, some of our favorite beach toys, bikes and hikes and, especially, the many things we love about our area.

            Each of us has a unique way of finding happiness, but I'm certain much of it is found in relationships with others, as revealed in Gay Hendricks’ interview on Nurturing Love in Midlife. She instills that we must get out of our ruts. True happiness in relationships requires continuous change and growth.

            I recently discovered some unique essential oils for mood elevation and various others benefits. I’m experiencing that there are so many of these natural fragrances that can alter negativity, subtly bringing about a much brighter outlook. I enjoy spraying my linens with a calming blend that ensures all my guests will get a good night's sleep.

            Our calendar is jam-packed with classes on essential oils, meditation and many other practices that will help you find your happy place – all day, every day.

Happy summer, happy Father's Day and happy life!

Scott & Daralyn Chase

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