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A Fresh Start for Homeless Women Veterans

Oct 05, 2016 06:55PM ● By Diana Pereira

Florida has more than 160,000 women veterans, of which an estimated 14,000 are homeless. Frontline—a ministry of Harbor Life Church in Pensacola—is a residential facility being established to help these women overcome the many obstacles, seen and unseen, preventing them from getting back on their feet. 

“Our mission will be to create a principle-based environment and comprehensive residential program that addresses every area of restoration in the life of a homeless female veteran,” says the church’s executive pastor, Terry Wallace. “Frontline will work to provide each veteran with stability, personal skill building, and educational and training opportunities leading to employment and housing, along with the restoration of personal dignity, faith and strength.”

Through the combined efforts of trained staff, volunteers and community partners, Frontline will provide housing, meals, case-management services, counseling, life-skills classes, laundry facilities, a computer lab, a gym, a chapel and transportation to VA appointments. Wallace notes that homeless women are a traditionally underserved portion of the veteran population, and so the mission of Frontline is “to serve those who served” by reintegrating them into the community with the physical, spiritual and emotional tools they need to succeed there.

“Frontline will provide women a fresh start and a place to heal surrounded and supported by Christian love, trust, education and companionship. As a ministry, our vision is based in response to the words of Jesus: ‘Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.’”

While Frontline’s immediate goal is to get the organization up and running and to secure a facility to house, care for and train participants in the program, Wallace says the ultimate goal is to expand the program throughout Northwest Florida, fulfilling the promise of “No service member left behind.”​

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