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Christmas Wishes

Dec 03, 2016 05:39PM

As we were preparing our letter to Santa, we were reminded of the Grinch—you know, the guy who tried to steal Christmas, and who hated the spirit of the holiday because either his shoes were too tight or his heart was too small. Regardless of the reason, his view of humanity was quite wrong. In the end, he learned he could not take away the Whos’ love for each other, which is what the Christmas spirit is all about. In witnessing such love, the Grinch grew a bigger heart and gladly gave back Christmas—and, most important, he found love again. According to Whoville history, his small heart grew three sizes that day!

In the wake of this election year, we can’t help but believe hearts need to grow, and we hope the holiday season will be the magic potion that makes that happen. So we would like to share our holiday prayer, which can be carried with us as we move forward into 2017.

We pray …

• that we will begin to truly value all people on this earth and honor them daily with simple gestures of dignity, respect and kindness—and that we teach our children these ways by example.

• that we will put less emphasis on our political and ideological differences and work toward lasting economic, spiritual and social growth.

• that we will be conscious of the fact that our every action or inaction affects the next seven generations, and make instinctive and concerted efforts toward a healthier and sustainable environment for all creatures.

• that we will give thanks daily and exhibit acts of appreciation for this wonderful planet that we call our home.

It enlightens us to think of the possibilities as these prayers begin to manifest, even in a tiny way. Imagine the snowball effect if everyone were to make a small, daily effort in these areas!

And as for that letter we started to write, here it is:

Dear Santa,

We realize you have a zillion gifts to deliver in thousands of places all at the same time, but we wanted to give you this heartfelt wish list of the most valuable gifts we can imagine. They may be grandiose, but we believe they are within the magical spirit of love, which bears unlimited possibilities. 

1. Please add a large dose of wellness in every package you deliver. 

2. Please provide every child and elderly person with a kind touch, a warm blanket and loving care. 

3. Please make sure that every person has plenty of healthy food, and toys that inspire play among the trees and under the blue sky. 

4. And please don’t forget the antlers and Christmas sweaters for our pets, so we may be reminded of their unconditional love!

Santa, we’ve also left you a few copies of December’s Natural Awakenings to enjoy with your almond milk and fresh sliced fruit. And please give Mrs. Claus our love, for we know she’s the true reason you get through the season.


And to all the secret Santas in our area, we wish you a peaceful and magical holiday season, and a world of happiness in 2017!

Scott & Daralyn Chase

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