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“Training Cesar’s Way” Now Available at 30a Swim Dog

Cesar Millan and Melanie Barret

Local canine aqua-therapist Melanie Barrett recently finished a five-day training with television star and celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan. Now “Training Cesar's Way” is available to dog owners in Northwest Florida through Barrett’s South Walton company, 30a Swim Dog. In addition to his TV series Cesar, the Dog Whisperer on the Animal Planet and Cesar 911 on National Geographic Wild, Millan owns dog psychology centers in California and Fort Lauderdale. He describes himself as a dog behaviorist, rather than a trainer, who “trains people and rehabilitates dogs.”

Barrett will now be using “Training Cesar’s Way” in her business to help dog owners learn how to understand their dog’s energy in order to achieve balance and harmony within the home. “Dogs who are difficult to walk on a leash or may seem to have dog aggression are many times insecure or need to learn that their pet parent is the pack leader, and not the dog,” she says. In addition to offering dog hydrotherapy, Barrett is also a practitioner of Healing Touch for Animals, a form of energy medicine somewhat like Reiki.
For appointments or more information, contact Barrett at 850-218-0476 or [email protected], or visit
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