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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Kids “Fresh Start” Sequence

Jan 03, 2017 07:35PM ● By Kim DeMoss

In a seated position, take two to four minutes to focus on the breath. As the children are inhaling and exhaling, have them notice how the air moves through their bodies. Remind them how valuable air is to their minds and bodies, and how it moves the harmful toxins out.
Still sitting comfortably with eyes closed, have them relax each body part, beginning with the forehead and ending with the toes. Ask them if the air feels cool or warm, heavy or light.
Now gently guide them to envision how their day will be. Will it be joyful or exciting, happy or peaceful? Perhaps they have their own word they would like to choose. Then guide them to choose a word to describe how they want to feel today—brave, friendly, calm, enthusiastic? Practice holding that thought.
Have them send a loving thought out into the world. Then take another deep breath, let a long breath out, and have them slowly open their eyes and begin a flow of the following poses:
1. Reach for the sun and look up to the sky.
2. Fold like a ragdoll, cross the arms and slowly swing.
3. Move into a gentle, wide-legged downward dog, knees slightly bent.
4. Drop the knees to the floor for several cat and cow poses.
5. Sit back into child’s pose.
6. Take two to four minutes for relaxation pose, lying on your back with arms by your side and eyes closed. Have young children envision their favorite color washing over their bodies to help them relax.
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