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Sacrology®: Study of the Sacrum Utilizing the Sacro Wedgy® (CEU)

Jan 17, 2017 05:34AM ● By Cindy Ballis

The sacrum is the “keystone” of the anatomy, and if you’re a therapist, it’s the most important and sometimes most difficult area of the body to address. In craniosacral therapy (CST), you use your hand to hold the sacrum, and so for that among other reasons, the Sacro Wedgy® is an important tool to learn to use, because it holds the sacrum for you, making your work much easier. Even better, it's great for self-care, as being a therapist can be physically challenging. Cindy Ballis will discuss and demonstrate the use of the Sacro Wedgy® in CST, particularly how to very gently release the psoas muscle using this noninvasive technique. Among the symptoms she will discuss are sciatica, low-back and hip pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and poor posture.

“My father, a retired football coach, actually invented the Sacro Wedgy, so I was able to be there for the entire process and learn from the master,” Cindy says. “I watched people in pain come to our home, relax on the Sacro Wedgy and leave feeling much better.” Over the last 25 years, they have developed a simple routine using the Sacro Wedgy® to stabilize, isolate and elevate the sacrum. “I traveled with and learned from my dad as he worked with a variety of therapists, and once a pattern formed, we were able to create a class,”  Cindy says. “I am now a CE provider and have traveled across the country teaching these amazingly simple routines to help therapists work smarter, not harder. We are still a family-owned business, and all our products are still made in the USA.”

For more information, contact Cindy Ballis at 1-800-737-9295 or visit

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