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Cleanse and Detoxify for Weight Loss: Scrub the Body Internally to Remove Toxins, Flush Stubborn Fat and Reset the Metabolism

Jan 17, 2017 05:35AM ● By Diana Pereira

We are constantly exposed to toxins from our environment, medications, cleaning supplies and foods, and our bodies store excess toxins in our fat cells in order to protect our vital organs. When we detoxify, we are releasing toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. Research has shown that certain essential oils can play a key role in detoxification. For example, an ingredient in Cinnamon Bark essential oil works as an “activator” to unleash latent antioxidant activity in the colon, which is a prime target for toxins. Citral, a component of essential oil blends such as Lemon Myrtle and Lemongrass, also has antioxidant properties. And Rosemary, among the most researched and promising detoxification oils, is a known iron chelator that has been clinically proven to protect the DNA structure. Join Diana Pereira as she discusses the use of essential oils for gentle everyday and quarterly cleansing to keep your body functioning at its best. Each participant will make and leave with his or her own spray bottle filled with a powerful combination of essential oils that assists with detoxification, weight loss and metabolism.

Diana is a passionate local educator along the Emerald Coast, with more than 10 years’ cumulative experience utilizing essential oils, herbal remedies and nutrition for vitality and health. She views one-on-one or group instruction as a means to show the community that natural options are available for our everyday health concerns, and she regularly offers weekly workshops throughout the community. Diana is certified in the AromaTouch Technique and owns Pereira Produce & Health, a local food cooperative offering fresh, organic produce at affordable prices.

For more information, contact Diana at [email protected] or 850-499-3670.

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