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Santa Rosa Beach Business Offers Healthier Food Options

The idea for Caveman’s Cupboard, a modern paleo health food business in Santa Rosa Beach, began when Montana transplant Tony DeBlauw chatted with his co-worker Nick over their respective lunches—a sandwich and a salad. They discussed their efforts to become healthier and Nick’s new paleo/primal lifestyle. Over the next days and weeks, DeBlauw watched Nick’s body and life change for the better, while his own results seemed nonexistent in comparison. He decided it was time to go primal.

As DeBlauw learned more about the paleo/primal lifestyle, however, he couldn’t find many of the products he needed. From that realization, the Caveman’s Cupboard was born.

“I didn’t start this company to make money,” he says. “I started it because as a consumer myself, I want to eat nothing but the cleanest, most honest food available. And noting a lack of options in the market, it made sense to help fill that void.”

It started with Cinnamon Cave Butter, still his most popular product, and grew to include more nut butters, bone broths, natural clay, and rubs and spices. The Caveman’s Cupboard sells its products online, at the Seaside Farmers Market on Saturdays, and in some specialty food stores along 30A, such as Thirty-A Filet & Vine. DeBlauw hopes to expand the business into a larger production, always offering items of the highest quality. 

“I'd like to think that the Caveman's Cupboard puts the needs of its consumers above all else,” he says, “because I am first a consumer for my company.”

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