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Unity Minister Offers Sound Therapy

Aug 09, 2018 07:36PM

Rev. Jamie Sanders of Unity of Pensacola is now offering sound therapy sessions using the Betar focused vibroacoustic sound therapy system.

The Betar system was created to reduce stress, relieve pain and restore balance through a total-body sonic energy “massage” combining low-frequency sound, magnetic waves and music.

“This system was originally designed to resonate with the body’s natural energy centers using ELF (extremely low frequency) tones delivered from a focused speaker array,” Sanders says. “Like slipping keys into locks, the Betar tones would use a combination of sonic and magnetic energy delivered by the speakers to achieve a state of harmonic resonance with the participant, allowing them to be ‘opened,’ gently and peacefully.”

If there are certain physical challenges to be addressed, Sanders can also use sound frequencies emitted through a Betar Bed to help regenerate the body, mind and spirit.

To make an appointment, call the Unity of Pensacola office at 850-438-2277. Sessions are offered on a donation basis. 

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