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In Memoriam: Heather Themelaras Madrid

Aug 09, 2018 08:12PM ● By December 11, 1976 – July 11, 2018

Heather Themlaras Madrid

Heather grew up playing along the banks of the Ohio River in the upper Ohio Valley, bouncing between Martins Ferry, Ohio, where her maternal grandmother lived, and Wheeling, West Virginia, where her large Greek family operated multiple businesses. She finished her high school education there in a Christian school, where she received a heart to help children.

After graduation, her health declined, and she was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning from the water contamination resulting from mining operations in the area where she resided. For the next few years, she was under the care of an Austrian-born doctor whoused numerous European methods to chelate and cleanse her organs to save her life. She studied every protocol he utilized and became trained in the chelation methods he practiced. She later had her thyroid removed and had surgery for endometriosis.

Heather worked the entire time she was under care for these conditions, counseling and offering wisdom and information to thousands who were suffering and misdiagnosed.

Heather made multiple overseas trips to adopt children for herself and direct others to safe contacts.   After she experienced firsthand the oppressive poverty in Jamaica and Haiti, she began to support entire villages there. She was courageous even when faced by soldiers with 50-caliber machine guns mounted on jeeps, commanding her to turn around. Her fearless faith helped poor women walk through the military perimeter outside American embassies, where favors were demanded and she responded with the icy steelstare only a Greek woman can give.

Heather managed a remodeling company with her adopted dad and traveled, working throughout 17 states in one year, to raise finances to adopt and support two Jamaican children. Although the government wouldn’t complete the adoption paperwork, Heather used the funds she raised to build housing for her children in Jamaica and to buy them books, clothes and shoes for school so they could receive an education.

After witnessing the rampant sexual abuse of young teenage Jamaican girls as they tried to go to school, she started another national contracting project to commit taxi money to mothers so their daughters could go to school without being raped. Once she began this endeavor, the community rose up and continued to see young women educated.

She and her husband, Steve, also adopted two American children: Ciro, 4, and Rohan, 1.

Heather was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and embarked on a quest for healing. It began with Dr. Amy Bell loaning her some DVDs from the Truth about Cancer convention. The next convention was in Orlando, and Heather attended every class, asked all the questions allowed and immediately began following the protocols as described. She started Ahava Health to counsel, advise and pray with people who contacted her feeling as though they had lost all hope.

Heather utilized ozone therapies, Rife and nutritional supplements and expected to beat cancer. The night before she was to travel to a treatment center in Ecuador, her heart gave out.

She never gave up!

–Michael Dunn, Father

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