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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Wellness Space Focuses on Balance

Christie Morgan

After practicing massage therapy for 12 years and treating people of all ages, Christie Morgan decided to stop giving advice and start giving her clients more options to help them with their health choices. That decision resulted in the launch of Symmetry Integrative Health, a new wellness space in Fort Walton Beach.

“With a focus on pain management, I have treated many people, from young dancers age 14 to 95-year-old Air Force veterans, and my oldest client, who’s 98,” Morgan says. “After falling in love with Pranic Healing, an energy healing modality, I began to see a bigger picture in the realm of health and what it really means to be well. I’ve learned that we all need balance in our lives, and as we are all individuals, our motivation and callings are individual as well.”

She says her new wellness practice allows people to choose how they want to stay healthy, giving them back some of the responsibility and control of their own wellness choices, with balance as the focus. It offers a mix of classes, including yoga, tai chi, dance fitness, restorative stretch, meditation and, of course, massage therapy. 

It also hosts weekend health workshops of all types. Upcoming workshops and events include Guided Dream Board Workshop on September 8, Eliminate the Negative on September 15, Energy Healing Series 1 on September 22, and Family Yoga and Self-Expression Day on September 29. 

Symmetry Integrative Health is located at 430 NE Racetrack Rd., Ft. Walton Beach, FL. For more information, call Christie Morgan at 850-598-7515 or visit

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