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Weekly Sound Healing at 30A Paddleboard Yoga

After Hurricane Michael, Shanda Beste, owner of Inner Chi Wellness and 30A Paddleboard Yoga, turned her paddle hut into a “healing hut” by inviting the 30A community to de-stress through sound healing. Now she hosts group chakra healing sound baths every Tuesday at 7 p.m., and she’s considering adding Friday evening sessions as well. Reservations are required.

“A sound bath is a 20- to 30-minute concert of healing tones produced by crystal singing bowls and Solfeggio frequency tuning forks,” she says. “It recharges and balances the body’s electromagnetic field, releasing toxic emotions and restoring a sense of inner peace. It's called a sound bath because the healing frequencies vibrate the body’s tissues, providing a sonic massage at a cellular level. Our bodies are 70 percent water, so the sound frequencies literally bathe or massage us from the inside out.”

She says stress creates fractious vibrations that disrupt our body’s electromagnetic field, affecting our ability to think clearly, sleep soundly and tackle our day-to-day activities with energy and positivity, and ultimately causing fatigue, irritability and illness. That’s why it’s crucial to reset and balance the body’s energy after any dramatic or stressful event. 

Participants in a sound bath don’t need to do anything but sit or lie down and relax. Beste suggests wearing layered clothing and bringing anything that will enhance comfort, like pillows or socks. Yoga mats, chairs, blankets and bottled water will be available.


Location: 72 Mason Ave., Santa Rosa Beach, FL. For more info, call or text 239-560-6667 or visit Reserve a spot at

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