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Natural Approach Proven Effective for Depression

Dec 13, 2018 05:08PM

Dr. Brown and his team

The Mind Performance Center, LLC, in Foley, Alabama, provides non-drug rehabilitation for a range of brain disorders, including depression (even treatment-resistant depression). “The results of our treatments are tangible, often delivering improvement when nothing else has,” says owner Dr. J. Douglas Brown, DC, DACNB, who notes that 70 percent of depression patients will see depression symptoms reduced by at least 50 percent.

By employing FDA-approved magnetic stimulation deep into the brain, to regenerate the ability to produce and release neurotransmitters, symptoms of depression are reduced or eliminated. While medications can help increase available levels of a few neurotransmitters, Brown’s non-invasive and drug-free approach increases levels of all neurotransmitters (more than 200).

Brown is one of only a few functional neurologists in the U.S. providing this deep transcranial magnetic stimulation in conjunction with brain pathway activation therapy and the science-based nutritional program of Alzheimer’s researcher Dale Bredesen. Treatment of depression usually lasts five to six weeks and does not interfere with current medications.

“Our approach fosters brain balance and performance without negative side effects,” he says. “Adding years to our patients’ lives—high-quality-of-life years—inspires me to constantly research the latest breakthroughs in functional neurology and apply those as they fit into the treatment programs for my patients.”


Location: Inside Path for Wellness, 240 W. Laurel St., Foley, AL. For more information, call 251-597-8787 or visit

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