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More Physicians Recommending Biofeedback for Stress and Anxiety

Mar 05, 2019 05:20PM

Biofeedback, an energetic method of reading potential stressors in the mental, emotional and physical bodies, has gained a foothold in Western medicine as an effective, natural way to ease stress, which has been linked to disease.

“It is said that more than 75 percent of the complaints doctors hear stem from stress and anxiety,” says Teresa Brown Konell, an intuitive wellness coach of 20 years and the owner of Pensacola Biofeedback. “There seems to be a pill for almost everything, but pills only mask symptoms. The idea of feeling well naturally is catching on with the medical society. The Cleveland Clinic suggests biofeedback, as well as meditation and tai chi, as good alternative techniques for reducing stress and anxiety, and many doctors now recommend biofeedback for patients with fibromyalgia.”

Biofeedback technology works by simultaneously reading stressors and sending out balancing signals or frequencies that remove stress. Konell added Life System Biofeedback to her practice five years ago and says the results have been “amazing.” Biofeedback can help with insomnia, ADD/HD, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), allergies, hypertension, chronic pain, PTSD, autism and sports injury as well as anxiety, she says.

“A person may come into the office to receive biofeedback, or it also works well at a distance,” she says. “In the office, you would sit comfortably and have gently fitting bands on your wrists, head and ankles. At a distance, you would lie back at home, away from any electronics, while the practitioner works your program in her office.”

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