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Mind Performance Center, LLC: A Business Profile

The Mind Performance Center, LLC, in Foley, Alabama, improves quality of life by providing non-drug rehabilitation for a range of brain disorders including depression (even treatment-resistant depression), dementia, traumatic brain injury, autism, stroke, ADHD and Parkinson’s. 

  “The results of our treatments are tangible, often delivering improvement when nothing else has,” says owner Dr. J. Douglas Brown, DC, DACNB, who notes that 70 percent of depression patients will see symptoms reduced by at least 50 percent. Their multifaceted approach can also reverse dementia.

Brown is one of only a few functional neurologists in the U.S. providing brain pathway activation therapy in conjunction with deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (which regenerates abundant release of neurotransmitters) and the science-based nutritional program of Alzheimer’s researcher Dale Bredesen. He spends 90 minutes with new patients, fully examining their brain activity so that a detailed treatment program can be recommended.

“Our approach fosters brain balance and performance without negative side effects. We add years to our patients’ lives—high-quality-of-life years,” says Brown, who encourages anyone wanting better brain performance for a higher quality of life, without the use of medications, to schedule an evaluation. “Improvements may begin in a few weeks, but the benefits can last a lifetime.”

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