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February 2020 - Letter From The Publisher

Feb 01, 2020 10:54AM ● By Daralyn Chase

Love may be in the air this month, but at Natural Awakenings, our editorial team has been focused on matters of the heart—the one that keeps us alive and well. In “Sacred Vessels: The Lifeblood of Heart Health,” Julie Peterson examines the crucial role of the vascular system and how simple, natural lifestyle choices can prevent or remediate damage that can result in a heart attack, stroke, vision loss and cognitive decline.

“The nation’s number one killer, which can fester for decades without symptoms, is largely preventable and reversible,” Peterson writes. “Only 15 percent of cardiovascular disease is related to genetics; the rest is attributed to lifestyle, and the right choices can make all the difference. The key is to adopt heart-healthy habits before the body delivers a potentially fatal warning.” To make sure you’re on a good path, read more, beginning on page 28.

The easiest route to better cardiovascular function probably involves a brisk walk. Walking requires no special skills or equipment, and just a little time. In “Vital Steps: The Path to Vascular Fitness,” Marlaina Donato notes that walking just 10 minutes after prolonged sitting can restore blood flow in the legs and improve impaired vascular function. The most encouraging news is that it isn’t necessary to follow a strict exercise regimen in order to boost your cardio function. Just commit to moving more often throughout your day. Turn to page 32 for details. 

Between sports injuries, accidents and the wear and tear of daily use, few people get through life without experiencing acute or chronic pain in the knee, shoulder, elbow or some other joint. When physical therapy doesn’t help, surgery used to be the next logical step. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. The field of regenerative medicine is making great strides in rejuvenating joints, ligaments, tendons and tissues by stimulating the body’s natural healing process using a patient’s own platelets, growth factors, adipose, stem cells and other methods. In “Healing Joints from Within: The Promise of Regenerative Medicine,” on page 36, explains how prolotherapy and other noninvasive treatments are being used in place of surgery to help the body repair itself.

And regenerative therapy isn’t just for humans. “Pain Relief for Pets: Prolotherapy Gives Joints New Life,” on page 38, describes how veterinarians, too, are turning to this nonsurgical form of healing in order to restore comfort and quality of life to cats, dogs and even horses.

Health and healing begin with hope. Our mission is to give you the inspiration, as well as the information, to be your best self inside and out. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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