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Empathic Practice Launches ‘March Mindfulness’ Challenge

Feb 01, 2020 12:14PM ● By Daralyn Chase

Get ready for March Mindfulness, a new kind of bracketology. 

In a playful concept—and mindset—change, Empathic Practice is proposing that we all turn our attention to living in the moment. For March, the Pensacola wellness clinic has created a community calendar full of activities and events focused on promoting mindfulness.

“We’re removing the stigma of that word, which is usually related solely to meditation practice, by partnering with different businesses and professionals to promote events ranging from beer tasting to improv comedy—and of course meditation and yoga,” says Felipe Muñoz, Empathic Practice’s mindset and meditation coach.

The largest happening will on March 21 at Studer Community Institute, in Pensacola. The all-day event will include meditation sessions, outdoor yoga, family activities, lectures, workshops and a panel discussion of mindfulness as a tool for relieving trauma and PTSD.

Mindfulness is about being present, fully immersed in the moment, Muñoz says. For 31 days, he will offer advice for how to be present and mindful in the most special or mundane actions, through a downloadable journal and calendar that will be available to anyone who wants to participate in the challenge. 

“Instead of filling out brackets with your guesses for winning teams, you will focus on what you win within each moment,” he says.

The full event calendar will be available soon. In the meantime, for more information, email [email protected] or visit

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