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The Future of Health Care: Destin’s Kimberly Hood, M.D., Helps Lead The Change She Wants to See

When Kimberly P. Hood, M.D., opened DPC Gyn, her Destin medical practice, in January 2020, her aim was simple: to provide basic gynecological care, basic primary care, and functional medicine for women, and to make her services as accessible as possible through telemedicine. 

Two months later, when the pandemic hit home and doctors across the country began exploring remote treatment options, it became clear that Hood was on the leading edge of change in American health care.

Now it’s two years later, and Hood continues to lead that change, even as covid appears to be receding. She says 75 percent of her weekly appointments are online, which means her patients have easy access to care without long hours spent in crowded waiting rooms.

“That’s super helpful for patients living along the panhandle remotely from Destin,” she says. “They don't have to deal with the traffic or spend the money on gas—and we all know about the gas (prices) right now. This is also helpful for people who can't miss a great deal of work. For example, my teachers will often see me at the end of the day from their classrooms, once the kids have all gone home.” 

Hood, who is licensed to practice in Georgia, Texas and Alabama, as well as Florida, has also freed her patients (and herself) from the traditional, insurance-based healthcare model. Patients can pay as they go or be subscribers to her practice. Her prices are transparent— they’re listed on her website. And because Hood isn’t trying to meet insurance-company metrics, she never has to hurry through her patient visits. 

An Evolving Practice

Hood’s forward-thinking approach to health care isn’t limited to improved logistics. While she still provides basic gynecological and primary care, her practice has evolved to meet what she sees as a growing need for hormone balance for both men and women, especially those between the ages of 30 and 55.

“My focus is more on hormones, energy and well-being using functional medicine and traditional medicine principals,” she says.  

More specifically, Hood works with patients to balance their sex, adrenal and thyroid hormones to improve their overall quality of life. She also offers Cell Wellbeing epigenetics hair testing, to determine how the everyday influences of a patient’s diet, environment and lifestyle might affect their genetic expression.

“I’m able to review blood labs, hair testing and hormone testing to determine what supplements the patients need and create their personalized supplement prescription in Fullscript, an online website to which they have access,” she says.

Hood hopes to introduce additional methods of testing soon, to further optimize her patients’ health and well-being. She also plans to offer counseling and sex therapy via Zoom and webinars.

Looks like the future of health care has arrived in Destin.

Location: 137 Crystal Beach Dr., Ste. 121-B, Destin, FL. For more information, call 850-470-1554 or email [email protected]

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