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The Power of Community

Sep 02, 2022 04:25PM ● By Scott Chase

The month of September often brings with it back-to-school (or back-to-business) stress, turning us into busy buzzing bees, as we flit around trying to make our work-related deadlines synchronize with our own daily routines, our family’s schedules and soaking up the last of the summer season’s outdoor activities. Combined with that perpetual desire to make your local community a better place and protect the planet, the transition from August to September can instigate anxiety and overwhelm. 

   Well, we’ve got the solution. Turn to page 16 and read “Aging Gracefully: How a Yoga Practice Keeps Us Young,” by Maya Whitman, who explains how just 12 minutes of daily yoga can help the 10 million Americans (and counting) with osteoporosis improve their bone density, using the power of the breath to raise our body’s energy levels. Our feature article “Growing Younger: Longevity Strategies That Help Reverse the Aging Process,” page 26, by Marlaino Donato, continues this line of thought by uncovering the practical applications of age reversal. 

   After learning how you can live longer, go to page 12 and check out how you can help the younger generation—whether you have children or simply want to make an impact—adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle in “Back to School with the Planet in Mind.” 

   In fact, the classic “reduce, reuse and recycle” model receives a fresh spin in “Conscious Consumerism: The Rise of Sharing and Reselling,” on page 32. Writer Sheila Johnson unpacks how Asheville, North Carolina has become a leading example of how community involvement, through the sharing of its collective skills, tools and resources, allows residents to live a simpler  life, reconcile their differences and thrive by working together. 

   To bring these therapeutic and energy-lifting practices home, we enthusiastically invite you to attend the sixth annual Emerald Coast Holistic Health Expo on Saturday and Sunday, September 10 and 11, at the Destin/Ft. Walton Convention Center. Over 100 unique vendors, including local medical marijunana, yoga, reiki and other healthy-living practitioners will be on site to help you relax, rejuvenate and connect with your local wellness community.

  For more information, we’ve included our Expo Directory of Exhibitors in this special edition issue, or you can visit online at and sign up for your Fast-pass to avoid the registration line.

Remember, we are all in the same boat, as we navigate the waters away from unsustainable systems, patterns and habits towards new and healthier ways of learning, living and being. 

We will see you there!

Daralyn and Scott 

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