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Rediscover Freedom at Dragonfly Yoga

Laura Tyree, owner of Dragonfly Yoga Studio, is excited to again host renowned yoga teacher, Doug Keller for a weekend yoga immersion being held January 20 to 22 at her popular studio in Fort Walton Beach. “Doug trains yoga teachers world-wide, setting forth a new paradigm for training in the area of therapeutics and healing,” says Tyree. “He offers solid teaching and insight into the anatomy and workings of the human body in relation to yoga, and into the possibilities for healing through yoga.”

Keller’s program, Rediscovering Freedom: The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga, is a training-intensive for yoga teachers and inquiring students. “Rediscovering freedom seems like an apt theme to explore—particularly after the restrictions of the past couple of years,” explains Keller. “And this theme will have a practical, focused purpose for understanding therapeutic applications of yoga more deeply. Prior to preoccupations with ‘stretching’ and strengthening, and connections to ideas about fitness, the therapeutic value of yoga practice lies in explorations of freedom of movement within the body that we are given in the present moment, even when that freedom seems quite limited.”

The training, which takes place each day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., includes suggestions on supporting physical limitations linked to pain patterns often due to injury. “These ideas will be especially helpful for teachers working with students with such limitations,” shares Keller. “At the same time, the asana practices that we do, as part of the weekend, will be for the sake of a satisfying experience for those already familiar with asana practice.”

Tuition: $375. Class size limited to 25 students.  Location: 184 Brooks St. SE, Bldg. 2, in Fort Walton Beach. For more information, call 850-428-9264 or visit


Doug Keller’s Weekend Yoga Immersion Schedule

Friday, January 20

Rediscovering Freedom: Keys to Understanding Pain Syndromes 

This session begins with an introduction to themes for the training on rediscovering freedom: the role of joint play and the arthrokinetic reflex in pain syndromes and movement limitations, and what that means for a more insightful understanding of yoga practice. The training will then cover new insights into how the feet work and their impact on the health of the knees and hips.

Saturday, January 21

Loving the Low Back: The Core and the Psoas

The day begins with a warm-up practice, focusing on movement from the core and centering the psoas. What follows will be a deeper inquiry into the psoas, core and low back, with experiential exercises for releasing the psoas by joining movement and breath. This practice will also guide students into an exploration of shoulder health, which will be continued on Sunday.


 Sunday, January 22

Keys to the Shoulder Girdle: Opening the Wings of the Breath

The shoulder girdle includes three moving parts—the collarbone, shoulder blade, and armbone (humerus). For healthy, pain-free movement of the shoulders, all three parts must work together well. During this class, students will examine the roles each of these parts and their joints when it comes to shoulder aches and pains.  

DRAGONFLY YOGA STUDIES - 184 Brooks Street SE Downtown Ft Walton Beach Fort Walton Beach FL

DRAGONFLY YOGA STUDIES - 184 Brooks Street SE, Downtown Ft Walton Beach, Fort Walton Beach, FL

From yoga for beginners to restorative yoga and energetic styles, Dragonfly Yoga offers something for everyone. Yoga classes are scheduled throughout the morning, afternoon and evening, r... Read More » 


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