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Heart-Healthy in February

Jan 31, 2023 05:27PM ● By Scott Chase

February is the month our nation focuses on heart health and Natural Awakenings is filled with articles that look beyond the telltale signs of cardiovascular disease. Our feature article, Improving Heart Health, on page 20, identifies several lifestyle metrics everyone can use to improve their ticker—even those without any signs of disease. Our Fit Body article, Rhythms of the Heart on page 28, explains how exercising the vagus nerve can improve the heart’s vitality, boost moods and lower anxiety. HeartMath Institute is taking this science of tuning the vagal fibers to the next level. Bruce Cryer, singer, actor, performer and the author of Pull the Plug on Stress shares his journey and life-changing love for HeartMath. Read all about it on page 34.

February is also the month we express our love and affections for the special people in our lives. Our Healing Ways article, Love in the Present Moment, on page 38, offers tips on keeping conversations heart-felt and deep within the moment. As we honor our valued relationships, we would also like to share a few words from our new CEO as we embrace our unity with KnowWEwell.

In case you missed it, in December 2022, Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation was acquired by KnoWEwell, P.B.C., the Regenerative Whole Health benefits and services company. CEO Kimberly Whittle, shares, “This is a transformational moment for both companies. Readers and consumers looking for trusted knowledge and education related to whole health, sustainable green living and community connections, locally and globally, will surely benefit from this collaboration.”

Whittle is quick to celebrate the visionary behind Natural Awakenings, which has had an almost 30-year run across American cities. “I am thankful for the tremendous leadership, vision and spirit that Natural Awakenings founder Sharon Bruckman instilled in this great publication—which I have been reading, enjoying and benefiting from for many years—and I look forward to continuing her legacy as part of the KnoWEwell family,” says Whittle. 

KnoWEwell operates the Regenerative Whole Health Hub, a digital ecosystem, community and marketplace that centralizes global health knowledge, resources and connections. With a mission to transform health care, it is connecting the dots between regenerative organic agriculture, lifestyle choices, social issues and environmental solutions to inspire and empower individuals to prevent harm, address the root causes of chronic disease, and achieve “WELLthier Living.”

KnoWEwell’s acquisition will have minimal impact on local magazine operations. “Moving forward, we’re looking for ways that the two companies can complement each other and also support our publishers at each location in their quest to offer the best content,” explains Whittle. “We’re growing a movement as we share knowledge, celebrate healing success stories, provide access to evidence-based resources and create meaningful connections while helping today’s consumers, whole-health providers, mission-aligned nonprofits, businesses and advertisers thrive. Together, we’re addressing global, local and personal issues—the nexus for consumer consciousness, healing and hope.”

I hope you will all join us in welcoming KnowWEwell by exploring their global site at

Happy Valentine’s Day and may your hearts be healthy and loved,

Scott & Daralyn

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