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Unique Finds of Faith at Mystical Paths in Milton

Mystical Paths metaphysical and crystal shop in Milton, FL, offers their customers a diverse range of supplies for a variety of religious paths. “Our philosophy is simple: We believe that people should be able to follow any system of faith they wish,” says co-owner Betty Willcox, along with her husband Dwayne. “We cater to all faiths and carry the products our customers need to practice their faith.” 

As the daughter of a Christian minister, Betty grew up with and has a strong knowledge of the Christian faith. Although her family followed that faith path, Betty eventually began seeking a spiritual path that felt like a better fit for her. “I know about a lot of different faiths and have learned so much from friends and family and just want to reiterate that all faiths are welcome and recognized here,” she affirms. 

The Willcox’s business began as a booth at the Pea Ridge Flea Market. “I was selling typical flea market fare, but I always felt called to have my own metaphysical store,” explains Betty. “In 2016 we went for our dream, which included changing our product line and name. With the support of our loyal customers—new and old—our business grew and evolved. Eventually, we also outgrew the booths at the flea market, so we moved to a brick-and-mortar location. We’re so glad we did. Our customer base has grown and, because of that, so has our product selection.” 

The pair, along with their friend Jessica Marquardt, work as a team to cover every customer’s needs. Store visitors seeking help choosing stones and crystals will want to speak with Dwayne, who is quite knowledgeable about the crystals and stones. Betty, a Wiccan Priestess and Minister from Universal Life Church with more than 30 years of experience, helps patrons with choosing metaphysical products and services, along with her expertise on all the store offerings. In addition, Jessica, a practicing Pagan with more than 20 years of experience, also helps with the metaphysical and Tarot card store offerings—including readings. 

“As Betty mentioned before, our mission is to help people find the tools they need to practice their faith,” affirms Dwayne. “We're here to serve people, answer their questions, and help with any problems they might have. We also offer our products and services at a reasonable price our customers can afford. If we don't have what someone needs, we’ll do our best to find it. We often call other shops to see if they have a product we don't carry and is needed quickly.”

Betty shares that what keeps her motivated is knowing that they are being of service. “Nothing feels better than when I'm able to help someone find a product they’ve been looking for everywhere, and they come to the store and we’ve got it or we’re able to track it down for them.”

“We also love hearing when someone was referred to our store by a friend or family member because they love the store so much or when someone gushes over an amazing reading they had from one of our many readers, or when someone says thank you for listening, for believing me, all these and more lights us up, and keeps us going,” adds Betty. 

In addition to a vast selection of faith tools and products—including crystals, candles, essential oils, acrylic skulls, Orgone pyramids, jewelry, stones, Tarot and oracle decks, singing bowls, herbs, teas, books, incense, bibles, rosaries and other items for almost every faith—the store features guest readers on the weekends. 

Mystical Paths also offers several sales throughout the year. “Our next sale will be our anniversary sale taking place on July 15th,” says Dwayne. “We also celebrate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and why the heck not Sunday too, along with a Yule/Christmas sale. These sales feature 20 percent off storewide—excluding readings.” 

“Even the real owner of the store, Lulu the shop cat, throws a special event for her birthday which just took place,” quips Betty, who adds that Mystical Paths already has plans for expansion. “The way it's been going, hopefully we'll move to a bigger location where we can have more readers and offer on-site classes, workshops and events. We could not have made the shop what it is without the support of our customers, we are truly grateful for them.” 

Mystical Paths is located at 5151 Dogwood Dr. in Milton, FL. For more information, call 850-586-6224, 850-686-5372 or email [email protected]. Find Mystical Paths on Facebook: @mystical paths or on Instagram: @mystical_paths_of_pea_ridge.

Dwayne and Betty Wilcox


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