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Letter From The Publisher

This month’s issue focusing on women’s health and wellness couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve been privileged to be in deep conversations lately with women struggling with all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges including perimenopausal hormone fluctuations, breastfeeding issues, self-care struggles, relationship woes, transitioning from the maiden to the mother, and so much more.  

So, naturally, we’re excited to that this month’s issue is chock full of women’s health information and offerings. You won’t want to miss our Women’s Wellness series titled Overcoming Stress: How to Balance It All being held every Tuesday in May at 5 p.m. PDT/8 p.m. EDT. During this informative series, top integrative and functional medicine experts in women’s health will present cutting-edge insights into the many ways that stress can impact hormones, thyroid function, fertility and libido, and also provide tangible recommendations to improve skin care, aging, sleep and mindset. See page 12 to learn more and sign up for the series.

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 14, be sure to read “Earth-Friendly Delights for Mom” on page 20 where article author Marlaina Donato shares ecological spins on classic gifts that honor mom, as well as Mother Earth. 

This month’s issue focuses also on a host of other important health themes including ways to overcome stress, gardening therapy, skin fitness routines, reducing childhood exposure to plastics, and so much more. 

Another important topic we’re covering this month is discovering ways we can help care for our fellow community members. “Providing Health and Hope in the Florida Panhandle” on page 22, features our very own Natural Awakenings Medical Advisor, Dr. Erin Mayfield, one of the volunteer physician staff members at Health and Hope Clinic (HHC), a free health clinic in Pensacola. For 20 years, HHC has been providing medical, dental, pharmacy and mental health services for low-income, uninsured residents in the Florida Panhandle. The clinic provides “health” and “hope” by providing a safety net to deliver healthcare services to those who might otherwise go without. We hope you’ll make sure to read about and consider pitching in to help this important organization that has been doing so much good in our community. 

Our wish is that you enjoy reading these articles as much as we do. Scott and I always learn so much about how to care for ourselves, our loved ones, other sentient beings, and our beloved planet each month within these pages.

We hope your May is filled with an abundance of laughter, good connections, long walks in nature, and boundless creativity as our natural inclinations to be inspired and create come online during this blooming season.

Happy Mother's Day, 

Scott and Daralyn

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