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Vocal Sound Healing Masterclass in Pensacola

Sandcastle Radio and Lovelock Healing Arts, a co-sponsor, is excited to host Unleash the Power of Your Voice: A Vocal Sound Healing Masterclass on August 16 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. in Pensacola, FL. “We’re thrilled to invite you to an enlightening exploration of the human voice and its incredible creative capabilities,” says Deborah Bassett, co-founder of Sandcastle Radio. 

This intensive masterclass will be led by globally recognized vocal expert, Jacob Vermeulen from Bruges, Belgium,

who is passionate about sharing his profound knowledge and techniques. “This masterclass is not just a workshop,” assures Bassett. “It’s an immersive experience with live music designed to guide participants on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.”

In this masterclass, attendees will unearth the untapped potential of their voice through Vocal Sound Healing. “This method harnesses the unique resonance of your voice to foster balance and harmony within you,” explains Vermeulen. “It’s about utilizing sound as a conduit to your inner self and facilitating authentic connections.”

Vermeulen’s journey embodies resilience and passion. His late wife and co-founder of Songdance, Karen “Upala” Taerwe, faced a life-changing brain tumor diagnosis. After losing her speaking ability, she discovered a powerful way to express her emotions through vocal sounds. This personal experience catalyzed the development of Vocal Sound Healing, a comprehensive method that inspires and energizes people worldwide.

“Whether you’re an experienced vocalist, curious about the potential of sound, or someone who’s been told they can’t sing, we welcome you,” adds Vermeulen.  

Location: Old Christ Church, 405 S. Adams St., Pensacola, Florida. For more information and to book your seat, visit For more information on Sandcastle Radio, visit

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