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Urge Congress to Save Public Media

A House subcommittee just approved legislation that would eliminate federal funding for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting [CPB], public radio and television stations’ largest single source of funding. Without federal funding, local public media stations would be forced to cut programs and services or go off-air. The Protect My Public Media Team is urging the public to act now to save local public media stations.

According to the Protect My Public Media website, “the House Appropriations Committee will consider a spending bill that eliminates federal funding for public media.  Federal funding ensures that your local public radio and TV stations can continue to give you access to essential educational, local, and cultural programming; trustworthy, in-depth news; and emergency and community-based services.” 

The Protect My Public Media Team urges the public to make their voices heard—and fast. 

For more information on how to make your voice heard, visit

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