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Mind Performance Center: Treats Resistant Depression and Dementia

By merging deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (DTMS), Brain Pathway rehab and metabolic enhancement through Functional Medicine, Dr. Douglas Brown, Doctor of Chiropractic and Neurology, has successfully alleviated anxiety, memory issues, serious brain trauma and disorders such as dementia, ADD and ADHD and autism in his patients. He works with accident victims, people who can’t speak or move, patients who are suicidal or depressed and with those for whom medicines haven’t worked. 

Last year, Brown treated a 78-year-old male. He was having trouble speaking and with his memory and scored poorly on his Montreal Cognitive Assessment. By the end of his 10-week program, the patient scored near normal. “His life completely changed after the treatment,” said Brown, “He was able to pray over his dinner again, which made his wife cry.”

These are the results commonly seen with patients. The program is a 10-week intensive care followed by monthly treatments for six months. 

When asked why this treatment is so effective Brown said, “There are no drugs that are effective
for treating dementia, in fact 
the drugs used are accelerating the disease. We get results like this because our program is very tailored for the individual. We do a lot of testing up front to help us determine the best path forward. Then we execute the three-pronged approach and get results.” 

Dementia typically starts approximately 10 years before symptoms appear. If anyone has a family history or a family member displaying early signs of dementia, Mind Performance Center can do a full work up and take action to prevent its development. 

The first to use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in Alabama, Brown uses new techniques and approaches in the treatment of brain disorders. His use of Deep TMS is a noninvasive treatment developed by BrainsWay to help alleviate symptoms related to mental health conditions by correcting faulty brain pathways and training new nerve connections. 

“Dr. Brown is a caring and compassionate doctor who genuinely wants to help people get to the root of their problems. Going through DTMS treatments has been life changing for me. It was like someone finally giving me keys to open all the locked doors in my mind. It has been an incredible tool in my healing journey and I would highly recommend him to anyone with long-standing depression. If you want to get to the root of your emotional problems and not just numb them with medication, this treatment is definitely something to consider. I couldn’t be more pleased.” Testimonial from Cortney S. 2020. 

For more information, call 251-270-0162, email [email protected] or visit  

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