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The Impact of Eco Clean Marine on Environmental Stewardship

Andy Chia |

Amidst the growing concerns of environmental degradation, Eco Clean Marine, a passionate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, stands as a beacon of hope along the Gulf Coast. With a commitment to revitalizing marine and aquatic environments, this organization has pioneered efforts in removing over 30,000 pounds of trash from local waterways, thus restoring the natural beauty and health of our ecosystems.

At the heart of Eco Clean Marine’s mission lies a profound commitment to education and community engagement. Through innovative “Feed the Fish” machines, children are offered hands-on, unforgettable experiences that deepen their connection with nature. “These machines entertain and educate, paired with virtual e-books that expand young minds about the intricacies of marine life and the importance of environmental stewardship,” explains Executive Director Courtney Dombroski. 

The community is encouraged to participate in monthly cleanup events, extending from Fort Morgan, Alabama, to Panama City, Florida. These gatherings are not just about cleaning up but about building a community of environmentally conscious individuals. “Our future goals are ambitious, focusing on expanding the reach of our cleanup operations and enhancing our educational offerings,” affirms Dombroski, “aiming to cultivate a broader understanding of environmental impacts and solutions among residents and visitors alike.”

Through its innovative educational programs and hands-on activities, Eco Clean Marine is setting a new standard for environmental education. “This approach is crucial in building a lifelong commitment to protecting our planet among the upcoming generations,” says Dombroski. 

For more information, call 251-228-6117, scan the QR code, or visit
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