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The Vitamin Shoppe in Fort Walton Beach Empowering You to Take Charge of Your Health

Jun 04, 2024 07:33PM ● By Erin Lehn

At The Vitamin Shoppe in Fort Walton Beach, the team’s mission is to support individuals in their journey towards holistic well-being, nurturing not just their bodies, but also their hearts and minds. However, according to brand ambassador Victoria Perez, their offerings extend beyond vitamins. “We provide products targeting not only general health but also fitness, heart health, healthy weight management, homeopathy, digestive health, brain health, aromatherapy, natural beauty, and more—there’s truly something for everyone here,” says Perez, who has passionately assisted others in boosting and reclaiming their health since the store’s opening in January of this year.

Perez, a former fitness model and NPC bikini competitor, has always been dedicated to maintaining her body’s strength and fitness. However, upon being diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and facing the challenge of three brain tumors, she redirected her focus toward holistic healing, embarking on a journey toward natural recovery. “My doctors prescribed medication that literally was not digesting in my body. Research led me to natural remedies and bioavailable supplements, with The Vitamin Shoppe being my source. These targeted supplements, combined with lifestyle shifts to reduce stress and focusing on organic foods, aided in healing my brain and cognitive issues,” says Perez. She emphasizes the importance of selecting supplements that break down effectively, highlighting the vegan-friendly options at The Vitamin Shoppe. “These changes have kept me Cushing’s free for three years. Not only that, but switching to products from The Vitamin Shoppe has boosted my focus, energy and overall well-being.”

Ed Zausch, owner of The Vitamin Shoppe Fort Walton Beach, echoes Perez’s sentiments, citing his son’s remarkable transformation after a severe car accident. Over two years, his son transitioned from managing chronic pain with addictive medications to embracing wellness through exercise and supplementation, culminating in his first weightlifting competition this month. “He’s a shining example of motivation,” says Zausch, who notes that witnessing his son’s journey inspired him to implement a healthier lifestyle. 

Perez and Zausch highlight the expertise of The Vitamin Shoppe’s Health Enthusiasts, contrasting them with a typical shopping experience at big-box retailers. Zausch explains, “Our store boasts highly knowledgeable Health Enthusiasts dedicated solely to guiding clients toward their optimal health. They provide personalized solutions and unwavering support, ensuring a tailored experience that prioritizes your well-being.” He contrasts The Vitamin Shoppe’s commitment to quality with big-box retailers, noting the focus on synthetic options for higher profits. “Synthetic vitamins often lack proper digestibility, leading to complaints like fluorescent urine. Our products undergo rigorous research and third-party testing to ensure bioavailability and effectiveness,” adds Perez. “There’s a lot of vitamins and supplements out there, but none that have the sheer amount of effort and dedication poured into them that Vitamin Shoppe has. We’re hyper focused on healthy living,” he affirms. “There are no ‘junk’ vitamins in our store.”

Zausch commends the warm and inclusive atmosphere of Fort Walton Beach, expressing gratitude for the community’s hospitality. “It’s truly a remarkable community,” he remarks. “The warmth and support we’ve received make us feel like part of a close-knit family. Our partnership with the Chamber of Commerce further exemplifies their dedication to local businesses’ success.”

Perez and Zausch highlight The Vitamin Shoppe’s commitment to community support, mirroring the generosity of Fort Walton Beach. Perez explains, “We honor our community’s service with special discounts, including a 20 percent discount for military personnel every Monday, a monthly 20 percent discount for teachers on the 7th, and a similar discount for first responders, EMTs, and firefighters on the 28th of each month.”

Zausch expresses his team’s passion for empowering individuals to place their health as a top priority. “Where else can you find such dedicated leaders in the health and wellness industry?” he asks. “We believe in the transformative power each person holds. It’s about making that choice to prioritize your health today, not tomorrow. Healthy people are driven by countless desires. Sick people have just one—to get well. Let us help you, wherever you are on your health journey.”

“When customers visit The Vitamin Shoppe in Fort Walton Beach, they’ll witness our store’s commitment to its values and its mission of community engagement and healthy living firsthand,” says Zausch. “We’re committed to constant improvement—for our customers, for Fort Walton Beach, and for you. Seeing people lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives brings us immense joy,” he concludes.

Perez assures, “We eagerly anticipate your visit to The Vitamin Shoppe. There’s nothing we love more than supporting others on their path to better health.”

Location: 417 D Mary Esther Cut Off NW in Fort Walton Beach. For more information, call 850-243-0009 or visit

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